Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators


SCBWI Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) is a regional chapter of the international SCBWI and a doorway to an even larger world of information and advice for children’s book creators.

COVID-19 UPDATE: In-person meetings are on hold. For the next months, we are meeting online using the Zoom platform.  SCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBenelux Would you like to sample the SCBWI? Join us for our monthly SCBWI KidLit online events. It is a great place to discover like-minded people and inspire each other on your own children's lit journey. Every month we have a different online event or meeting, where we share tips and tricks about writing, illustrating, revision techniques, submission do's and don'ts, and much more. The monthly meetings are free and open to members and non-members, published and unpublished writers, and illustrators alike! Join us :) SCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBeneluxSCBWIBenelux  

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