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Free Chinese Ink Paintings Workshop

Date(s) - 28/04/2022
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


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Learn how to create Chinese Ink Paintings in this live zoom workshop for beginners with Ping He. This unique course covers bird and flower paintings. 


When: Thursday 28 April 2022

Class time: 19:30-21:00

Where: on Zoom

Experience needed: This workshop is for beginners and no prior experience of Chinese Ink Painting is needed. Some painting experience and a strong enthusiasm are recommended.



Chinese painting gives an impression of how the subject makes you feel. It is not a photocopy of what you see. The subject painted reveals the artist’s expression. If the painting moves the audience vividly, then you have succeeded as a Chinese Ink Painting artist. You have to observe the subject and maintain its personality and characteristics. Less is more, only keep the essentials in a few brush strokes. 


This short online workshop will inspire you with new painting methods, introduce you to relevant artistic techniques and equip you with the basic knowledge to take your painting/illustration further.


By the end of the evening, you will have painted your own bird and a flower, understanding the color mix for a specific flower or a bird and be able to create a composition for your future paintings in Chinese brushes which can help you to make progress putting down essential ideas for your dummy books.


What you’ll do

-Learn how to capture the subject with convincing characteristics/personality or strokes

-Experiment with Chinese ink techniques and bring flowers or bird to life in color

-Explore different color mixture

-Receive personal feedback

-Receive resources on all aspects of Chinese Ink Painting creation, from material to summery the history of Chinese Ink Painting, available exclusively to SCBWI members


What you’ll need:

paper (Xuan Zhi  Rice Paper)  One mature paper  (30×50 inch)  and 2 raw Xuan Paper (size approximately 30 x50 inch.

Brushes: Four Chinese brushes from extra small to large

Ink : One small bottle Chinese or Sumi ink.

Color: Chinese painting colors (12 tubes in one set)

You can go to local art supply shop. or order online. There is one Chinese bookstore in Amsterdam. Ming Ya Chinese Boekhandel



If you don’t have the resources to buy the above, here are the substitute:

Brushes: If you don’t have Chinese brushes, I recommend synthetic and /or sable brushes- Winsor & Newton brushes

Round – number 4,6 & 8  pointed       pointed- number 2,3     Serie 7 miniature Kolinsky  000 and Kolinsky 00

Color (tubes -Three tubes of the primary colors. One from each of the three groups of primary colors: Blue -Prussian Blue or Phthalo Blue  Yellow – Hansa yellow or Azo   Red – Permanent red or Cadmium Red. Other primary colors are ok.

Paper: Half sheet (15”x22” or 16”x20”) 140 lb Cold Press watercolor papers, Arches

Palettes: One large size white color palette or big white ceramic plate



-If you use rice paper, please prepare flat textile material to protect your table (easy to absorb water/ink, recommend size bigger than your artwork.  Washi tape and some heavy blocks to flat your Chinese Xuan Paper.

-Wash Jar (two jar contains water for cleaning brushes and paint)

-A hair dryer

-A water sprayer

-An apron

-One roll of white paper towel


Recording of the class will be available until two weeks after the end of the workshop.

How the workshop works: Live session will take place on Zoom and include real-time exercises, demonstrations and feedback. The participants will be expected to try and work on their paintings during the workshop. We will share our painting on instagram story if you hashtag us #scbwibenelux.

Please sign in via scbwi regional account for this workshop. Prepare the material after you sign the workshop. You will receive the zoom link two days before the workshop starts in your member registration email account.